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Economic phenomena are so complex and so diverse that it is impossible to understand them without some abstraction. The purpose of economic theory is to provide a framework that enables us to see the fundamental structures and causal relationships beneath the apparently chaotic dynamics of actual economies. At the same time, economic research requires not only thorough knowledge of theoretical models but also deep understanding of an appropriate statistical tools, institutional structures and historical facts. This department offers core lecture courses on microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics to acquire the fundamental knowledge of economic theory, as well as a variety of advanced courses including general equilibrium theory, game theory, contract theory, empirical macroeconomics, and economic dynamics. This department also emphasizes the importance of training researchers and specialists who can apply economic theories to practical issues and policy designs in various aspects of contemporary economies. For this purpose, students can learn a wide variety of special fields, such as fiscal policy and public economics, financial institutions and monetary policy, industrial organization and economics of law, international trade and global finance, labor economics and social policy, urban studies and transportation economics, economic development and area studies. Students in this department are expected to choose a few of these special fields and work on them intensively after having mastered the basics of economic theory and statistical analysis.

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
AOKI, Kosuke Professor Macroeconomics
FUKUDA, Shin-ichi Professor Money and Banking, Macroeconomics, International Finance
FURUSAWA, Taiji Professor International Trade, Applied Microeconomics
GRIFFEN, Andrew S. Associate Professor Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Development Economics
HAYASHI, Masayoshi Professor Local Public Finance, Fiscal Federalism, Social Protection
HIGO, Masahiro Professor Economic Statistics
HOSHI, Takeo Professor Corporate Finance, Macroeconomic Policy, Banking Regulation, Japanese Economy
IIZUKA, Toshiaki Professor Empirical Industrial Organization, Health Economics
IWAMOTO, Yasushi Professor Public Economics, Macroeconomics
KANDORI, Michihiro Professor Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory
KAWAGUCHI, Daiji Professor
Labor economics
KAWAI, Kei Professor Industrial Organization, Political Economy
KAYABA Yutaka Assistant Professor Behavioral Economic, Behavioral Finance, Experimental Economics, Applied Econometrics
KOJIMA, Fuhito Professor Market Design, Matching Theory, Game Theory
LOU, Yichuan Assistant Professor Microeconomic theory, Information Economics
MATSUI, Akihiko Professor Game Theory, Information Economics, Monetary Theory
MATSUSHIMA, Hitoshi Professor Microeconomics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Theory of Finance, Informational Economics
NAKAJIMA, Tomoyuki Professor Macroeconomics
NAKATA, Taisuke Associate Professor Macroeconomics
NIREI, Makoto Professor Macroeconomics
NODA, Shunya Assistant Professor Market Design, Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Econ/CS, Blockchain
OGAWA, Hikaru Professor
Public Economics
OHASHI, Hiroshi Professor
Industrial Organization, Competition Policy
OYAMA, Daisuke Professor Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory and Applications
SAKAGUCHI, Shosei Assistant Professor Econometrics, Machine Learning, Applied Microeconomics
SATO, Yasuhiro Professor Urban Economics, Regional Economics
SAWADA, Yasuyuki Professor Development Economics, International Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Asian Economy
SHINTANI, Mototsugu Professor Macroeconomics, Econometrics
SON, Suk Joon Assistant Professor Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Market Design, Economics of Education
TAKAGI, Yuki Assistant Professor Political Economy
TAKAHASHI, Satoru Professor
Game theory
TAKASAKI, Yoshito Professor
Development Economics, Resource Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Field Experiment
TANAKA, Mari Associate Professor Labor Economics, Development Economics, International Economics
UEDA, Kenichi Professor Macroeconomics, Financial Economics
WATANABE, Tsutomu Professor Macroeconomics, International Finance, Corporate Finance
WATANABE, Yasutora Professor Empirical Microeconomics, Quantitative Marketing
YAMAGUCHI, Shintaro Professor Labor Economics, Economics of the Family
YANAGAWA, Noriyuki Professor Financial Contracts, Law and Economics

Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP)

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
CHEN, Stacey Professor Labor, Development, and Health Economics; Applied Econometrics

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
OKACHI, Michinao Associate Professor Macroeconomics, International Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Economics

Institute of Social Science

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
CATO, Susumu Professor Social Choice Theory, Welfare Economics, Organizational Economics, Economics and Philosophy
ISHIHARA, Akifumi Professor Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics, Political Economy
KAWATA, Keisuke Associate Professor
KONDO, Ayako Professor Empirical analysis of labor market
MATSUMURA, Toshihiro Professor Industrial Organization, Public Economics
SASAKI, Dan Professor
SHOJI, Masahiro Professor Development Economics
TANAKA, Ryuichi Professor Labor Economics, Economics of Education
WEESE, Eric Gordon Associate Professor Political Economics

Center for Spatial Information Science

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
OTSU, Yuki Assistant Professor Urban economics, law and economics, labor economics
TAKAHASHI, Takaaki Professor Urban Economics, Economic Geography

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
SUGIYAMA, Masakazu Professor Renewable energy system