Request for Support

The University of Tokyo is actively working to strengthen its financial foundation through the transition towards an endowment-based financial management approach. This transition encompasses all individual departments, including the Graduate School of Economics. The Graduate School of Economics is independently enhancing its endowment with the goal of utilizing the generated returns for research and educational activities. We aim to create an environment that attracts exceptional researchers who can excel globally and improve educational facilities for students. 

Unless specified otherwise, your support will be primarily allocated to the endowment, and we will use it as a long-term source for research and educational activities.

We sincerely appreciate your generous donations and assure you that the Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo will continue to disseminate outstanding research results globally and nurture the talents who will shape the future, thus contributing to society. We kindly ask for your warm support. 

Thank you very much. 

Taiji Furusawa
Dean, Graduate School of Economics

How to Apply

Submit the Offer of Donation to the Finance and Research Support Team.

After your submission of the Offer of Donation and our internal review, you will receive a payment instruction to make your donations.

Offer of Donation〔Word〕WORD

We do not accept donations that violate “The University of Tokyo Regulations on Donations”.

The University of Tokyo Regulations on Donations〔PDF〕PDF

Use of Donation

We will use the donations for expanding research funds, exchanges with overseas researchers, supporting students, and improving the quality of education.

Donations also can be designated to education and research activities of specific faculty members or for specific purposes.

Tax Benefits

(Residents in Japan)
Donations to The University of Tokyo can make use of tax exemption systems for Japanese income, corporate taxes.

The receipt needed for submitting tax returns will be mailed from us when donations are confirmed. Please contact your local tax office for more information.

(Residents outside Japan)
Please consult with the tax authority in your country for applicable preferential tax treatments.

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