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The management course equips students with the ability to formulate managerial problems and discover the appropriate solution based on the knowledge in Business Administration. Both Master and Doctoral programs are offered. In addition to Strategy and Management that are the foundation of Business Administration, students learn Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Technology Management, Accounting, and Finance, as well as Business History that is indispensable for the long-term analysis. Analyzing field phenomena with rigorous theories in a logical manner, students will acquire fundamental competence in corporate planning, human resource management, finance, sales, production, and procurement. The field is not limited to manufacturing but also applies to service and financial sectors.

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
ABE, Makoto Professor Marketing Science, Consumer Behavior, Behavioral Economics
FUJIOKA, Rika Professor
FUNATSU, Shohei Assistant Professor Innovation management, organization theory
INAMIZU, Nobuyuki Associate Professor Management science,organization and management theory,organizational behavior
KASUYA, Makoto Professor Japanese Business History
KUWASHIMA, Kenichi Associate Professor Technology Management, Corporate Strategy
MOTOKI, Kosuke Assistant Professor Consumer psychology, Consumer behavior, Sensory and consumer science, Sensory marketing, Applied psychology
OBINATA, Takashi Professor Financial Accounting
OKI, Kiyohiro Associate Professor International Business, International Human Resource Management, Manufacturing Management
SHUTO, Akinobu Associate Professor  Financial accounting
YAMAMOTO, Koji Associate Professor Business History, Early Modern Britain, Corporate Social Responsibility before the Industrial Revolution, Financial Bubbles
YONEYAMA, Masaki Professor Financial Accounting

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
SHIMIZU, Takashi Professor Management, Law and Economics

Institute of Social Science

(Alphabetical Order)

Name Position Research Themes
GENDA, Yuji Professor Labor Economics, Social Sciences of Hope