OKI, Kiyohiro

OKI, Kiyohiro

Name / Position

OKI, Kiyohiro / Associate Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


2012 March University of Tokyo, Ph.D. Economics
2008 March University of Tokyo, Master of Economics
2007 March University of Tokyo, Bachelor of Economics

Past Academic Work Experience

2014-2020 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
2011-2014 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University

Research Field

International Business, International Human Resource Management, Manufacturing Management

Research Theme

I conduct both qualitative and quantitative research on the management required to improve the performance of foreign subsidiaries. My current research focuses on the impact of support from parent companies, subsidiary autonomy, input localization (e.g., human resource and parts and materials), and internal competition and cooperation within MNCs on subsidiary performance. Moreover, I have been researching human resource management to develop excellent expatriates and plant managers. In addition to international management, I have been conducting research on IoT in the manufacturing field and call center management from the perspective of the relationship between information technology and organizational management.



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Other Professional Activities and Awards