OGAWA, Hikaru

OGAWA, Hikaru

Name / Position

OGAWA, Hikaru / Professor





Curriculum Vitae


1998 Nagoya University (Dr. Economics)
1993 Nagoya University (BA. Economics)

Professional Experience

Sep 2015 - Professor, University of Tokyo
Oct 2010 - Aug 2015 Professor, Nagoya University
Dec 2000 - Sep 2010 Associate Professor, Nagoya University
Oct 1998 - Nov 2000 Assistant Professor, Nagoya University

Research Field

Public Economics

Research Theme

Fiscal competition theory and international tax theory



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  • Tax competition, spillovers, and subsidies, Annals of Regional Science 40, 849-858、2006.
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  • A citizen candidate model of tax competition with interdependent preferences, FinanzArchiv 76, 313-328, 2020. (with Satoshi Kasamatsu and Taku Masuda)

Other Professional Activities and Awards

Other Professional Activities and Services

  • Associate Editorial Panel, International Tax and Public Finance, 2017-


  • Association Award 2008, Japan Association for Applied Economics
  • Sakashita Prize 2010, Applied Regional Science Conference