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TANAKA, Mari / Associate Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


2016 Ph.D in Economics, Stanford University
2010 MA in Economics, The University of Tokyo
2008 BA. International Christian University

Professional Experience

2024 Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo and Institute of Economic Research at Hitotsubashi University
2021 Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research at Hitotsubashi University
2016 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Economics at Hitotsubashi University

Research Field

Labor Economics, Development Economics, and International Economics

Research Theme

My research mainly focuses on how firm organizational practices, globalization, and labor market institutions affect firm performance and workers’ welfare in developing countries and Japan.



  • Mari Tanaka, Taisuke Kameda, Takuma Kawamoto, Shigeru Sugihara, and Ryo Kambayashi. “Managing Long Working Hours: Evidence from a Management Survey,” forthcoming at Journal of Human Resources.
  • Mari Tanaka. 2023. “Ethical Production and Export Performance across Destinations: Evidence from Myanmar,” Japanese Economic Review. 74: 413-437.
  • Kohei Kawaguchi, Naomi Kodama, Hiroshi Kumanomido, and Mari Tanaka. 2023. “Using Managers' Expectations for Ex-ante Policy Evaluation: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 32(4): 714-732.
  • Teresa Molina and Mari Tanaka. 2023. “Globalization and Female Empowerment: Evidence from Myanmar,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, 71(2): 519-565.
  • Minhaj Mahmud, Yasuyuki Sawada and Mari Tanaka. 2022. “Microfinance Competition and Multiple Borrowing: Evidence using Panel Data from Bangladesh,” Review of Development Economics, 26(2): 1164-1188.
  • Naomi Kodama, Yoshiaki Murakami, and Mari Tanaka. 2021. “No Successor, No Success? The Impact of a Little Son on Business Performance,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 62:101169.
  • Kohei Kawaguchi, Naomi Kodama, and Mari Tanaka. 2021. “Small Business under the COVID-19 Crisis: Expected Short- and Medium-Run Effects of Anti-Contagion and Economic Policies,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 61:101138.
  • Nicolas Cadieux, Margaret Kalacska, Oliver T. Coomes, Mari Tanaka, and Yoshito Takasaki. 2020. "A Python Algorithm for Shortest-Path River Network Distance Calculations Considering River Flow Direction," at Data, 5(1):8.
  • Mari Tanaka, Nicholas Bloom, Joel David, and Maiko Koga. 2020. “Firm Performance and Macro Forecast Accuracy,” Journal of Monetary Economics, 114: 26-44.
  • Mari Tanaka. 2020. “Exporting Sweatshops? Evidence from Myanmar,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(3): 442-456.
  • Yasuyuki Sawada, Hiroyuki Nakata, and Mari Tanaka. 2019. “Short and Long Recall Errors in Retrospective Household Surveys: Evidence from a Developing Country,” The Journal of Development Studies, 55(10): 2232-2253.

Other Professional Activities and Awards

Other Professional Activities and Services

  • 2024- Japanese Economic Review Co-Editor


  • 2021 Japanese Economic Association Award for Young Female Researchers (sponsored by the Nippon Life Insurance Company)