YANAGAWA, Noriyuki

YANAGAWA, Noriyuki

Name / Position

YANAGAWA, Noriyuki / Professor





Curriculum Vitae


Research Field

Financial Contracts, Law and Economics

Research Theme

In recent years, I have devoted myself to studying contract theory, incomplete contract theory and its applications in particular. I have theoretically examined optimal structure of financial laws, and topics on securitization, corporate rehabilitation and M&As. I also applied the same approach to economic analysis of corporate and contract laws and their optimal designs. Moreover, I am studying desirable organizational design using cases of contents industries and macro economic analysis from the perspective of contract theory.


Books and Monographs - 1995-

  • Economic Theory of Contract and Organization (in Japanese), Toyokeizai Shimposha, 2000
  • Economics of Corporate Law, (in Japanese) University of Tokyo Press, 1998 (with Y. Miwa and H. Kanda co ed.)
  • Strategic Trade Policy, (in Japanese) Yuhikaku, 1998

Articles - 1995-

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  • “Exclusive Dealing and the Market Power of Buyers,” Asian Journal of Law and Economics, 2(1), Article 1, 2011(with R. Oki)

Articles - Selected Publications prior to 1995

  • “Product Standardization and Economic Growth,” Keizai Kenkyu, 45(3), 1994 (with I. Daito, in Japanese)
  • “Direct Investment versus Licensing: An Incomplete Contract Approach,” Japan and the World Economy, 6(2), June, 1994
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  • “Tariff Jumping Foreign Direct Investment,” The Economic Studies Quarterly, 41(4), 1990 (in Japanese)

Other Professional Activities and Awards