Name / Position

FURUSAWA, Taiji / Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


1994 Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1993 M.S., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1989 M.A., Economics, Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
1987 B.A., Economics, Hitotsubashi University

Professional Experience

2018-Current Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo
2005-2018 Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
2003-2005 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1997-2003 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Yokohama National University
1995-1997 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Fukushima University
1994-1995 Lecturer, Department of Economics, Brandeis University

Professional Experience - Visiting

2010-2012 Research Associate (Abe Fellowship), Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Harvard University
2001-2002 Visiting Scholar (Fulbright research grant), Boston University

Research Field

International Trade, Applied Microeconomics

Research Theme

Production networks and global value chain
Financial imperfection and international trade


Articles - selected

  • “Transfer Pricing Regulation and Tax Competition”, (with Jay Pil Choi and Jota Ishikawa), forthcoming in Journal of International Economics, doi:10.1016/j.jinteco.2020.103367.
  • “The Welfare Effect of Foreign Productivity and Quality Growth: A Quantitative Analysis” (with Yoichi Sugita), The International Economy, 20, 2020.
  • “International Trade and Income Inequality” (with Hideo Konishi and Tran Lam Anh Duong), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 122(3), 993-1026, 2020. 
  • “The Economic Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: What Have We Learned from CGE Simulation?” (with John Gilbert and Robert Scollay), World Economy, 41, 831-865, 2018.
  • “A Race beyond the Bottom: The Nature of Bidding for a Firm,” (with Kazumi Hori and Ian Wooton), International Tax and Public Finance, 22, 452-475, 2015.
  • “Globalization, Financial Development, and Income Inequality” (with Hiroshi Daisaka and Noriyuki Yanagawa), Pacific Economic Review, 19(5), 612-633, 2014.
  • “Dynamic Free Trade Networks: Some Numerical Results” (with Hiroshi Daisaka), Review of International Economics, 22(3), 469-487, 2014.
  • “Threats or Promises? A Built-in Mechanism of Gradual Reciprocal Trade Liberalization,” (with Takashi Kamihigashi), Japanese Economic Review, 63(2), 259-279, 2012.
  • “Contributing or Free-Riding? Voluntary Participation in a Public Good Economy,” (with Hideo Konishi), Theoretical Economics, 6(2), 219-256, 2011.
  • “Global Dynamics in Repeated Games with Additively Separable Payoffs,” (with Takashi Kamihigashi), Review of Economic Dynamics, 13(4), 899-918, 2010.
  • “WTO as Moral Support,” Review of International Economics, 17(2), 327-337, 2009.
  • “Gradual Cooperation in the Existence of Outside Options,” (with Toshikazu Kawakami), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 68(2), 378-389, 2008.
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  • “A welfare Decomposition in Quasi-Linear Economies,” (with Hideo Konishi), Economics Letters, 85(1), 29-34, 2004.
  • “Tariffs versus Quotas in the Presence of Imperfect Competition and Cross-Border Externalities,” (with Keisaku Higashida and Jota Ishikawa), Canadian Journal of Economics, 37(2), 445-458, 2004.
  • “Bargaining with Stochastic Disagreement Payoffs,” (with Quan Wen), International Journal of Game Theory, 31(4), 571-591, 2002.
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  • “Adjustment Costs and Gradual Trade Liberalization,” (with Edwin Lai) Journal of International Economics, 49, 333-361, 1999.

Other Professional Activities and Awards