OHASHI, Hiroshi

OHASHI, Hiroshi

Name / Position

OHASHI, Hiroshi / Professor of Economics


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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. (Economics, Northwestern University)

Professional Experience

2022 Vice President, The University of Tokyo
2020 Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo
2018 Vice Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo
2012 Professor of Economics, The University of Tokyo
2003 Associate Professor of Economics, The University of Tokyo
2000 Assistant Professor, Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia

Research Field

Industrial Organization, Competition Policy

Research Theme

My main research interests have been in the areas of Industrial Organization, Economics of Competition Policy, and Economics of Policy Making. Oftentimes, I utilize a structural estimation method to examine the effectiveness of business strategies, and government policies, including competition policy and industrial policy. I have worked on a broad range of industries, including entertainment (video games), agriculture, steel, airlines, electricity and gas, telecommunications, transportation and tourism, and digital platforms and AI governance.


Articles - Selected Articles in English

  • Price Effects of Target Ratcheting: A Progress Report on Medical Devices (with D. Isogawa), Japanese Economic Review, 70(3):331-340, 2019
  • Market Structure and Product Quality: A Case Study of the 2002 Japanese Airlines Merger (with N. Doi), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 62:158-193, 2019
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Management Using Auction Mechanism for Reducing PV Curtailment in Distribution Systems, (with H. Kikusato, Y. Fujimoto, S. Hanada, D. Isogawa, S. Yoshizawa, Y. Hayashi), IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2019
  • Effects of Consumer Subsidies for Renewable Energy on Industry Growth and Welfare: Japanese Solar Photovoltaic System (with S.Myojo), Journal of Japanese and International Economics, 48:55-67, 2018
  • The Effects of Domestic Mergers on Exports: A Case Study of the 1998 Korean Automobile Industry, (with Y. Toyama), Journal of International Economics 107:147-64, 2017
  • Empirical Analysis of the National Treatment Obligation Under the WTO: The Case of Japanese Shochu Liquor (with N. Doi), Journal of Japanese and International Economics, 46: 43-52, 2017
  • Treatment of Monopolization in Japan and China (with Lin Ping), in R. Blair and D. Sokol (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics Vol. 2, Ch 9: 188-233, Oxford Univ. Press, 2015
  • Effects of re-invention on industry growth and productivity: evidence from steel refining technology in Japan, 1957–1968 (with T. Nakamura), Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 21(4): 411-26, 2012
  • Intra-plant diffusion of new technology: Role of productivity in the study of steel refining furnaces (with T. Nakamura), Research Policy, 41(4): 770-779 2012
  • Competition Policy in Japan (with Steve Harris), in R.I.McEwin (Ed), Intellectual Property, Competition Law and Economics in Asia,Ch 9: 197-216, Hart Publishing, 2011
  • Did U.S. Safeguard Resuscitate Harley-Davidson in the 1980s? (with T. Kitano) Journal of International Economics, 79(2): 186-97, 2009
  • Effects of Transparency in Procurement Practices on Bidding Behavior: The Experience of Municipal Public Works, Review of Industrial Organization, 34(3): 267-85, 2009
  • Effects of Technology Adoption on Productivity and Industry Growth (with T. Nakamura), Journal of Industrial Economics, 56(3), 470-4992008
  • International Consumption Patterns among High-income Countries: Evidence from the OECD data (with István Kónya), Review of International Economics, 15(4): 744-757, 2007
  • Indirect Network Effects and the Product Cycle: U.S. Video Games, 1994 - 2002 (with Matt Clements), Journal of Industrial Economics, 53(4):515-42, 2005
  • Learning by Doing, Export Subsidies, and Industry Growth: Japanese Steel in the 1950s and 60s, Journal of International Economics 66:297-323, 2005
  • Choice of Air Cargo Transshipment Airport: An Application to Air Cargo Traffic to/from Northeast Asia (with Tae Oum, Tae-Seung Kim, and Chunyan Yu), Journal of Air Transport Management 11:149-59, 2005
  • The Role of Network Effects in the U.S. VCR Market, 1978-86 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 12(4): 447-494 2003 (lead article)
  • Econometric Analysis of Price Index for Home Video Cassette Recorders in the U.S., 1978-1987 Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 12(2): 179-97 2003
  • Anticipatory Effects of Voluntary Export Restraints: A Study of Home Video Cassette Recorders Market, Journal of International Economics, 57(1):83-105 2002

Other Professional Activities and Awards

Other Professional Activities and Services

  • A member of Scientific Program Committee, The 2016 Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society(Kyoto)
  • A Program Committee (Chair), 2017 Autumn Meetings, Japan Economic Association (Aoyama Gakuin)
  • A Local Area Committee (Chair), The 2019 Asian-Pacific Industrial Organization Meetings(Hitotsubashi)


  • Young Economist Essay Prize, the European Association of Research in Industrial Economics, 2001
  • First Miyazawa Kenichi Memorial Prize (Fair Trade Association), December 2012
  • Research Award from the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation, March 2011
  • Jiro Enjoji Memorial Prize, Nikkei Newspaper, December 2012