Graduate - Division of Economics - Department of Economic Theory

Economic phenomena are so complex and so diverse that it is impossible to understand them without some abstraction. The purpose of economic theory is to provide a framework that enables us to see the fundamental structures and essential causalities beneath the apparently chaotic motions of actual economies. This department offers core lecture courses on microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics to all Master's students in order to ensure that they acquire the basic knowledge of orthodox economic theory before beginning their own research work. It also offers a variety of advanced courses on such fields as general equilibrium theory, game theory, contract theory, empirical macroeconomics, and macroeconomic dynamics. The time-honored tradition in our School is its openness to heterodoxy. This department also offers a set of courses that are devoted to the Marxian perspective to economics. It offers courses on economic principles, economic methodology, political economy, economic anthropology, and others. It is expected, that most of the students in this department concentrate on either one of these two approaches.

(Alphabetical Order)
Name Position Research Themes
AOKI, Kosuke Professor Macroeconomics
KANDORI, Michihiro Professor Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory
MATSUSHIMA, Hitoshi Professor Microeconomics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Theory of Finance, Informational Economics
NAKAJIMA, Tomoyuki Professor Macroeconomics
NOHARA, Shinji Associate Professor History of Economics
WATANABE, Tsutomu Professor Macroeconomics, International Finance, Corporate Finance
◆ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Name Position Research Themes
MARUYAMA, Makoto Professor Economic Anthropology, Ecological Economics