Graduate - Division of Economics - Department of Economic History

Economic history is a research field that aims at obtaining deep understanding of the economy and society by exploring and examining past documents and data with relevant insights in the related areas including economics, sociology, politics and statistics. Whereas experimental economics has been developing in recent years, the objects to which the experimental approach is applicable are limited, and hence huge information recorded in the human history is still one of the most important bases for social sciences. The faculty in the economic history department are composed of experts on Japan, Asia and the West. Each of them keeps the discipline of historical research where induction based on historical documents and data is essential, while she/he values diverse and flexible thoughts as well as global and long-term perspectives.

(Alphabetical Order)
Name Position Research Themes
ISHIHARA, Shunji Professor Social and Economic History of Sweden, History of Economic Thought in Sweden
KOJIMA, Yohei Assistant Professor Japanese Economic History, Comparative Economic History
OKAZAKI, Tetsuji Professor Japanese Economic History, Comparative Economic History
ONOZUKA, Tomoji Professor Economic History of the Western World
SHIROYAMA, Tomoko Professor Chinese Economic History, Asian Economic History
TANIMOTO, Masayuki Professor Japanese Economic History, Comparative Economic History
◆ Institute of Social Science
Name Position Research Themes
MORIMOTO, Mayo Assistant Professor Economic History  
NAKABAYASHI, Masaki Professor Economic History
NAKAMURA, Naofumi Professor Business and Economic History