Graduate - Division of Economics - Department of Area Studies

Economic research requires a thorough knowledge of theoretical models and statistical methods, as well as a deep understanding of the institutional settings and historical facts specific to each issue. Understanding the history of economics itself is also an important theme. In this course, in addition to analyzing the challenges and issues faced by each regional economy, we attempt to capture the connections between the different aspects as comprehensively as possible, aim to describe an overall picture of the regional economy. The course also covers the study of the history of economics and conducts research and education activities in this area. Students will concentrate on studying a specific area or studying the history of economics, after mastering the fundamental economic theory and statistical methods.

(Alphabetical Order)
Name Position Research Themes
NOHARA, Shinji Associate Professor History of Economics
◆ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Name Position Research Themes
NAKANISHI, Toru Professor Developing Economies, Area Studies
◆ Institute of Social Science
Name Position Research Themes
ITO, Asei Associate Professor The Chinese Economy, Regional economy, Small Business Studies
MARUKAWA, Tomoo Professor Chinese Economy
◆ Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia
Name Position Research Themes
AOYAMA, Waka Professor Southeast Asian Studies (Philippines)
TAKAHASHI, Akio Professor Village Economy in Southeast Asia