Graduate - Division of Economics - Department of Statistics

The need for data analysis has dramatically increased in recent years as the phenomenal growth of computer technology and communication networks has set off an explosion of information in our society. Statistics is about the general methods for analyzing numerical information. The main aim of this department is to train professional statisticians who investigate the mathematical foundations of statistical methods. It also helps students in other fields to master the basic tools of statistics and econometrics and enables them to conduct empirically orientated research.

(Alphabetical Order)
Name Position Research Themes
AKASHI,Fumiya Assistant Professor  
IRIE, Kaoru Assistant Professor Bayesian analysis, State space models
KUBOKAWA, Tatsuya Professor Mathematical Statistics
OMORI, Yasuhiro Professor Econometrics, Bayesian Statistics
SHIMOTSU, Katsumi Professor Econometrics, Statistics
◆ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Name Position Research Themes
KURATA, Hiroshi Professor Statistics
MARUYAMA, Yuzo Professor Statistics, Data science
◆ School of Engineering
Name Position Research Themes
NAWATA, Kazumitsu Professor
◆ Center for Spatial Information Science
Name Position Research Themes
SUGASAWA, Shonosuke
Assistant Professor Data science, Spatial statistics