IRIE, Kaoru

IRIE, Kaoru

Name / Position

IRIE, Kaoru / Assistant Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


May 2016 Ph.D. Statistical Science, Duke University
May 2014 M.S. Statistical Science, Duke University
March 2012 M.A. Economics, University of Tokyo
March 2010 B.A. Economics, University of Tokyo

Professional Experience

June 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo

Research Field

Bayesian analysis, State space models

Research Theme

My research interests are in the area of Bayesian dynamic modeling, time series analysis, statistical computation and decision analysis linked to applications.



  • Chen, X.; Irie, K.; Banks, D.; Haslinger, R.; Thomas, J. & West, M., “Scalable Bayesian modeling, monitoring and analysis of dynamic network flow data”, Journal of the American Statistical Association, published online, 2017

Other Professional Activities and Awards