Award Winners

Professor Kandori wins the 10th R.K. Cho Economics Prize

KANDORI, Michihiro, professor at Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo has been named the winner of the 10th R.K. Cho Economics Prize by Yonsei University for his contributions to the theory of social norms, convention, and cooperation. The prize is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the area of economic research.

Professor Kandori graduated in 1982 from Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo and earned his Ph.D. in 1989 from Stanford University. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania University and Princeton University before he joined our faculty. He served as an Associate Professor at the Faulty of Economics from 1992 and the Graduate School of Economics from 1996 prior to the current position from 1999.

Previous award winners include Prof. In-Koo Cho (University of Illinois, Microeconomics), Prof. Richard Rogerson (Princeton University, Macroeconomics), Prof. Quang Vuong (New York University, Econometrics), etc.