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WATANABE, Tsutomu / Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


1992 March Harvard University Ph. D. in Economics
1982 March University of Tokyo BA in Economics

Professional Experience

2011 October Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo
2002 January Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
1999 April Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
1982 April Bank of Japan

Research Field

Macroeconomics, International Finance, Corporate Finance

Research Theme

My main research area is monetary policy and inflation dynamics. I have published a series of papers on monetary policy when nominal interest rates are bounded at zero; in particularly, my paper on the optimal monetary policy at the zero lower bound has been widely recognized as the first paper to provide a simple description of the liquidity trap and characterize the optimal policy response to it in a setting of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium. As for inflation dynamics, I have been engaged in empirical analysis on the source of price stickiness using micro price data. I was Project Leader of a five-year JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research project commenced in 2006 on “Understand Inflation Dynamics of the Japanese Economy: An Approach Integrating Microeconomic Behaviors and Aggregate Fluctuations”.



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Other Professional Activities and Awards

Patent Registration

  •  Patent Number 6395307号(P6395307)「物価指数推定装置、物価指数推定プログラム及び方法」 (Systems and methods for consumer price index construction based on scanner data) Application Number: 2014-231511, Publication Number : 2016-095681, Identification Number: 6395307, Application Date:11/14/2014, Official Notice Date: 05/26/2016, Registration Date: 09/07/2018.Patent Applicant:University of Tokyo, Inventor:Tsutomu Watanabe, Kota Watanabe