Name / Position

KOJIMA, Yohei / Associate Professor


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Research Field

Japanese Economic History, Comparative Economic History

Research Theme

1. Japanese Agricultural History under Great Depression
2. Comparative Study of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations
3. Industrial History in Prewar Japan

Economic History is the interdisciplinary field between Economics and History. I intend to adopt both methodology and find new facts through filed survey. My research interest is on the local economic history and on the comparative study between Japan and other Asian countries.



  • 「1930年代日本農村における無尽講と農村負債整理事業―長野県下伊那郡座光寺村を事例として―」“Japanese rotating savings and credit associations and the farmer’s debt consolidation project in the 1930’s : a case study of Zakoji village, Shimoina district, Nagano prefecture” Shakai-keizaishigaku [Journal of Socio-economic History], Vol.77, No.3, November 2011
  • 「大恐慌期における救農土木事業の意義と限界―長野県下伊那郡座光寺村を事例として―」“The Significance of Public Works in Rural Areas in the Great Depression” Rekishi to Keizai [Journal of Political Economy & Economic History], Vol.212, July 2011
  • 「戦間期日本農村部における農業保険の受容過程―埼玉県農家保険組合を事例として―」“The Process of Acceptance into the Agricultural Insurance during the Interwar Period in Japan : The Case of Noka-Hoken-Kumiai in Saitama Prefecture” Nogyoshi Kenkyu [Journal of Agricultural History], Vol.42, March 2008

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