KAYABA, Yutaka

KAYABA, Yutaka

Name / Position

KAYABA, Yutaka / Assistant Professor


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Curriculum Vitae


California Institute of Technology, Social Science Ph.D. (2013)

California Institute of Technology, Social Science Ph.D. course (2007-2012)

University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Economics M.A. (2005-2007)

University of Tokyo, Department of Economics, Economics B.A. (2000-2002)

Professional Experience

University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Assistant Professor, Apr. 2021 – present

University of Tokyo, Center for Advanced Research, Graduate School of Economics, Project Assistant Professor, Apr. 2017 – Mar. 2021

Hitotsubashi University, Institute for Advanced Study, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mar. 2015- Mar. 2017

University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, Research Associate, Apr. 2013-Mar 2015

California Institute of Technology, Visiting Associate, Apr. 2013-May 2013

California Institute of Technology, Post-doctoral Scholar, Oct. 2012-Mar. 2013

Ministry of Finance, the Japanese government, Apr. 2002-Mar. 2005

Research Field

Behavioral Economic, Behavioral Finance, Experimental Economics, Applied Econometrics

Research Theme

My primary field of study is examining behavioral economic implications with data. Currently I am working on the following experimental studies; fairness in network economy, auction and behavioral economic model, empirical study on intrinsic motivation, behavioral economics in repeated game, and estimation of behavioral models using data obtained in physiology.



  • “The Effect of Framing in Sealed-Bid Auctions: Theory and Experiments,” 2023, CARF Discussion Paper, CARF, CARF-F-567 (with Jun Maekawa & Hitoshi Matsushima)
  • “Trading Information Goods on a Network: Experiments,” 2023, ISER Working Paper No. 1151. (with Nobuyuki Hanaki, Jun Maekawa & Hitoshi Matsushima)
  • “Accuracy and Retaliation in Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring: Experiments,” 2020, Games and Economic Behavior 120, p193-208(with Hitoshi Matsushima & Tomohisa Toyama)
  • “Describing The Concept of Value in The Purchase Activity: Conversation Analytic and Behavioral Economic Perspectives,” 2018, The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society (with Satomi Kuroshima & Takanobu Omata)
  • “How Do People Procrastinate to Meet a Deadline?,” 2016, HIAS Discussion Paper, HIAS, HIAS-E-33
  • “Nonparametric learning rules from bandit experiments: the eyes have it!,” 2013, Games and Economic Behavior 81, p215 231 (with Hu Y. Shum M.)
  • “Neural Control of Sensory Signals to Outliers in the Human Brain,” Society for Neuroeconomics 2013 Annual Meeting (with Bossaerts P. & d’Acremont M.)

Other Professional Activities and Awards