Name / Position

ISHIHARA, Shunji / Professor




Curriculum Vitae


1995 March Ph.D. in Economics(the University of Tokyo)
1984 March BA in Economics (the University of Tokyo)

Professional Experience

2018 July Professor (Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo)
2002 April Associate Professor (Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo)
1994 April Lecturer (Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University)
1992 April Research Assistant (Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo)

Research Field

Social and Economic History of Sweden, History of Economic Thought in Sweden

Research Theme

My main research theme is historical analysis of welfare state and modernization-process in Sweden. So far I have focused my interest on social democracy and labor movement before the World War 1. Recently I have studied industrial relations and local society in order to make it clear how Swedish welfare state has developed after the interwar period.



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Books and Monographs

  • Faderliga företagare i Sverige och Japan, Carlssons bokförlag 2015 (with Christer Ericsson, Björn Horgby)
  • Bourgeois Society and Working Class Culture, Bokutakusha 1996
  • Another Alternative, Heibonsha 1995 (with Masao Nishikawa and Takao Matsumura)

Others - translation and commentary by Shunji Ishihara

  • Björn Horgby & Crister Ericsson, “Trust, Loyalty and Negotiation”, The Journal of Ohara Institute for Social Research, No.705, 2017
  • Gustav Cassel, Socialpolitik, Discussion Paper CIRJE-J-259, 2014
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Other Professional Activities and Awards