More Projects

Tenure Track Program
FY2008 Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program
  Manufacturing Management Research Center Asian Hub (Program Leader: Takahiro Fujimoto) (FY2008-FY2012) 【Closed】
FY2003 21st Century COE (Center of Excellence) Program
  Research Center for the Relationship between Market Economy and Non-market Institutions (CEMANO) (Program Leader: Hiroshi Yoshikawa) FY2003-FY2007 【Closed】
  Manufacturing Management Research Center (MMRC) (Program Leader: Takahiro Fujimoto) FY2003-FY2007 【Closed】
International Program in Economics (UTIPE)
Scientific Research Projects
  Research on Economy and Social Exclusion (REASE) (Principal Investigator: Akihiko Matsui) FY2012-
  A Study on Disability in a Socio-Economic Context: toward a Unified Social Science (READ) (Principal Investigator: Akihiko Matsui) FY2007-FY2011
  Historical and Institutional Analysis of the Capital Market in Japan - Comparing with Advanced and Developing Countries FY2003-FY2007 【Closed】
  Empirical Analysis and Design of Economic Systems FY2000-FY2005 【Closed】
  The Construction of Comparative Theories and Data Bases in International Finance FY2000-FY2005 【Closed】
The Project of the JSPS Reseach for the Future Program
  ITME Project FY1998-FY2002 【Closed】
Endowed Chairs
  Research on Public Interest Capitalism (Alliance Forum Foundation) FY2012-FY2013 【Closed】
  Local Finance in Transition (Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities) FY2010-FY2015 【Closed】
  Investment: Theory and Practice (The Norinchukin Bank) FY2008-
  The Risk Management of Financial Institutions (Mizuho Financial Group) FY2007-
  Global Finance and Capital Markets (Lehman Brothers) FY2007-FY2008 【Closed】