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SHINTAKU, Junjiro / Professor


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Research Field

Corporate Strategy

Research Theme

(1) development process of strategic schema and its impact on corporate diversification through the case study of Sharp Corp.
(2) analytical framework for the de-facto standard and the competitive behavior in the transition period of standard in the video game industry.
(3) competitive strategies of the video game software companies.


Books and Monographs - 2000-

  • Economic Analysis on Game Industry (in Japanese), Toyo Keizai Shimpo-sha, 2003 (with Tatsuo Tanaka and Noriyuki Yanagawa)
  • Electronic Society and Market Economy (in Japanese), Shinsei-sha, 2002 (with Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara and Akimichi Takemura)
  • Dynamism of Competitive Strategies (in Japanese), Nihon Keizai Shimbunsha, 2001 (with Shigeru Asaba) (in Japanese)
  • Essence of De-facto Standard (in Japanese), Yuhikaku, 2000 (with Yoshinobu Konomi and Takashi Shibata)
  • Competition among Japanese Firms (in Japanese), Yuhikaku, 2000 (with Masaru Udagawa and Takeo Kikkawa)

Articles - 1995-

  • “Formation of Resource-Based View,” (in Japanese) Akamon Management Review, 1(9), pp.687-704, 2002 (with Nobuo Takahashi)
  • “Competitive Strategies on De-facto Standard,” (in Japanese) Akamon Management Review, 1(2), pp.133-158, 2002 (with Shigeru Asaba)
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Books and Monographs - Selected Publications prior to 1995

  • Competitive Strategies of Japanese Firms - De-Maturity and Competitive Behavior in Matured Industries (in Japanese), Yuhikaku, 1994

Articles - Selected Publications prior to 1995

  • “Competitive Strategy,” (in Japanese) Motokichi Inaba et. al., Introduction of Modern Business Administration, Chapter 4, Dobunkan, 1994
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  • “Competitive Strategies through Technological Innovations: Product Evolution in Performance and Cost Reduction,” (in Japanese) Diamond Harvard Business, Vol. 11, No. 4, July, 1986

Other Professional Activities and Awards